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What to expect

Sundays at Seaside

Worship service starts at 9:30 AM on Sundays and usually lasts for one hour.  Everyone is welcome as we worship together, and there is no dress code.  The service includes music (both contemporary and traditional), scripture readings, prayers and a message. We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of every month with everyone welcome to participate. Following the service, we meet outside for coffee and light lunch. We are wheelchair accessible.

Family Friendly

Have kids?  Don't worry- kids are welcome at Seaside Community church! In fact, they're not just welcomed - they're encouraged to worship and learn with the adults!  We believe that kids are just as much a part of the church as any one of us.

Each service is family-friendly! Or, if you prefer, we do have a Family Room available for your little one to "fidget" with you while you can still hear and see the service. 

As Seaside grows, we'll start offering special classes for the kids on Sunday mornings.  Stay tuned- great things are coming and your kids are gong to love it!

We love the next generation and we believe that they're going to change the world!

Bring your kids to Seaside Community church this Sunday-

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